Helen Lewis Has Left The Chat

From WhatsApp leaks to school group chat nightmares, via war propaganda on Telegram and Slack meltdowns at work, how instant messaging took over our lives. (The BBC)

The Other Ozempic Revolution

"At the individual level, Ozempic and its sister drugs might also rewire millions of personal relationships, changing the dynamics of a family that has always had a “thin sister,” or a couple who bonded over a shared love of nachos and beer, or friends who stay in touch by sharing a restaurant meal." (The Atlantic)

A Satanic Rebellion

"It was a full-scale uprising, with Lucien Greaves cast as God—dictatorial, unbending, authoritarian—and the rebels as a phalanx of would-be Lucifers." (The Atlantic)

The Magic Kingdom of Ron DeSantis

"Somehow Florida, a state that bills itself as the home of the ornery and the resistant, the obstinate and the can’t-be-trodden-on, the libertarian and the government-skeptic, has fallen for the most keenly authoritarian governor in the United States." (The Atlantic)

The New Gurus

From productivity hackers to dating coaches, from crypto bros to wellness influencers, when did the internet get taken over by gurus? Helen Lewis investigates. (BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds)

The Shadow Royals

One peculiarity of European aristocrats is that their names pile up, like snowdrifts. It’s lunchtime in Tirana, the capital of Albania, and I am about to meet Leka Anwar Zog Reza Baudouin Msiziwe Zogu, crown prince of the Albanians. (The Atlantic)

The Identity Hoaxers

A scribbled over head

"We can all understand the hoaxers who pretend to be someone else with malign intent: the con artists, the charlatans, the cads. The inexplicable, and haunting, cases are those people who seem to believe their own stories." (The Atlantic)