Review: The Old Vic’s Sylvia

The Old Vic’s show Sylvia reveals how the Pankhursts were stubborn, ruthless hypocritical - and successful.

Review: Yuval Noah Harari

What do we have left to believe in? One of the answers, although Yuval Harari does not provide it, is gurus, of which we have created a new class, each individually tailored to our needs.on Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

The Politics Of Weight

We can’t fight oppression until we accept that weight and height affect how we’re treated

Review: Girls And Boys, Royal Court

“In an industry convulsed by a feminist reckoning, I was left wondering if a female playwright would have dared to write lines as starkly confrontational as the narrator’s conclusion: “We didn’t create society for men. We created it to stop men.” - Girls And Boys at the Royal...

Review: Black Panther

Why Black Panther is the smartest political movie of the last 12 months.