Substack Is Selling Soap Operas

An hourglass

No media loop has been this closed since the members of the intellectual dark web all went on one another’s podcasts to argue that we should be exposed to divergent opinions. (The Atlantic)

Scotland’s Feminist Schism

Nicola Sturgeon

When Scotland has a proudly feminist First Minister, why were lifelong feminists leaving the SNP for a party led by a man with a reputation as a macho dinosaur, or even a sleazeball?" (The Atlantic)

Prince Philip, The Reluctant Consort

Prince Philip

"The 20th century was a hell of a ride, and one in which men’s expectations for their lives changed as dramatically as women’s. No one encapsulated that quite as strangely, or as remarkably, as a man who lived for nearly a century himself." (The Atlantic)

The Identity Hoaxers

A scribbled over head

"We can all understand the hoaxers who pretend to be someone else with malign intent: the con artists, the charlatans, the cads. The inexplicable, and haunting, cases are those people who seem to believe their own stories." (The Atlantic)

The Resurrection of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson

Peterson "gazed into the culture-war abyss, and the abyss stared right back at him. He is every one of us who couldn’t resist that pointless Facebook argument, who felt the sugar rush of the self-righteous Twitter dunk, who exulted in the defeat of an opposing political tribe, or even an adjacent portion of our own." (The Atlantic)

Isn’t She Good—For A Woman?

Artemisia Gentileschi

"When does feminist celebration become patronizing, an implicit silver medal? (Isn’t she good—for a woman?) As rarities and exceptions, women are often defined by their biography. Never mind the talent—how do we feel about her?" (The Atlantic)

Earldoms For Girldom

Sarah Long

“Because fewer than 90 titles can be passed to female heirs, no women are among the hereditary peers currently sitting in the Lords . . . There are, essentially, seats in our Parliament reserved for men.”

(The Atlantic)