Chiwetel Ejiofor on identity politics

“Riling up the divisions between groups has a massive effect”: Chiwetel Ejiofor on identity politics in Britain (and Malawi). For the New Statesman.

The True Threat of Populist Blowhards

“It’s funny, you see, because Farage still gets booked by a publicly funded broadcaster after speaking at a far-right rally in Germany – which, if I remember rightly, was the kind of thing we ostracised people for, back in the good old days of the 1930s. If Oswald Mosley were alive today, he wouldn’t be banned from speaking on the BBC, but instead asked to dress up as St George for an amusing “bit” on a late-night programme, booked on Question Time to “balance” Gina Miller, and offered a show on LBC where he could take phone calls about “rapefugees” and creeping sharia.” - on why we...