The Unquiet of Uncertainty

For the past five months, it has felt as if the entire world has been trapped at an airport departure gate, and the only information on the screen is the word “Delayed”. (The Sunday Times)

Difficult Women reviewed by the Mail

"Blending rigorous research with passages that make you bark with laughter, this is an effortlessly smart study of feminism’s power to make society better for everyone."

Saturday Review: David Copperfield

Discussing David Copperfield, Pregnancy in art, The Windermere Children, Motherwell and The Welkin (pictured) on Saturday Review.

The News Quiz is back! 

The News Quiz is back! With host Nish Kumar, panellists Mark Steel, Lucy Porter and Alun Cochrane, and newsreader Neil Sleat. 

From the ‘Manosphere’ to the Far Right

"Misogyny is used predominantly as the first outreach mechanism. You were owed something, or your life should have been X, but because of the ridiculous things feminists are doing, you can’t access them."

The Trump Playbook

“He has perfected a political register for leadership in the smartphone era, where we don’t so much read the news as rubber-neck at it from the tiny windows to the world we carry in our hands.”

Theresa May’s Toxic Legacy

"How will Theresa May be remembered? She laughed like a penguin, danced like a robot and dressed like Cruella de Vil after a midlife divorce."