The Journalist and the Fallen Billionaire

Going Infinite is therefore a portrait of grandiose ambition, youthful arrogance, and the distorting power of money. This book contains possible polycules, earnest discussions of saving the Earth, and a supporting cast of grifters, vultures, and Gisele. (The Atlantic)

A Satanic Rebellion

"It was a full-scale uprising, with Lucien Greaves cast as God—dictatorial, unbending, authoritarian—and the rebels as a phalanx of would-be Lucifers." (The Atlantic)

The Blurb Arms Race

lurbs have always been controversial—too clichéd, too subject to cronyism—but lately, as review space shrinks and the noise level of the marketplace increases, the pursuit of ever more fawning praise from luminaries has become absurd. (The Atlantic)

The British Left Makes Sharp Turn A Gender

Stuck arguing about the exact percentage of women who have a penis, Labour couldn’t talk about Britain’s housing crisis, high energy costs, crumbling infrastructure, poor economic growth, and high inflation (The Atlantic)

The Wrath of Goodreads

Viral campaigns target unpublished books all the time. What tends to happen is that one influential voice on Instagram or TikTok deems a book to be “problematic,” and then dozens of that person’s followers head over to Goodreads to make the writer’s offense more widely known. (The Atlantic)